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Curtains Down

A Murder Mystery

You are invited to a murder. Award winning West End director, Don Marwarehouse, has been found

brutally murdered, but who killed him?


Was it Paige Turner, the budding new starlet? Or Stan Dovisch, the stage manager who has family connections. How about Kurt N Rodd, ASM and fiance of Paige? Nick O’Teen, a rival director who may be the teensiest bit annoyed? Helen Back, once the leading lady and now relegated to the bit parts. And let’s not forget Faye Tality, former movie star. Why would any of these people want the director dead? Come and find out.

We’re dying to see you!

Tickets are £8 per person, with up to 8 people per table (please note – due to limited space, table

sharing may be required).

Nibbles are provided, but please bring your own drinks and glasses.

Advanced booking is required.

Saturday 27th January 2024, 7.30 pm

1st Royal Eltham Scouts Hut

Avery Hill


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