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9th-12th November 2022


It's 1970, a time of flower power, flares, Stuart-style haircuts and pot.


Middle-aged Frank is packing a suitcase, but he can't stop himself remembering an adolescent past that brings back memories of wartime rations and ack ack guns and an over-bearing father.


Suddenly, all these memories come to life on stage with all the excitement of barrage balloons, magicians, comedians, and Miss 1940 who, in her Union Jack satin shorts aroused young Frank's nascent sexuality.


This charming comedy is the story about fathers, family and nostalgia, about a youth which was bitter to live through but sweet to remember.


First produced at Greenwich Theatre, and transferring to the West End and Broadway, Forget-me-not Lane was recognised by the playwright, Peter Nichols (The National Health; A Day in the Death of Joe Egg; Privates on Parade) as his favourite stage writing.

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