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We welcome new members of all ages, either in an on-stage or behind-the-scenes capacity – or indeed both! We can assure you of a warm welcome ; we are a friendly group with no prima donnas amongst us.


Our annual membership charge is £30, which includes membership of the John Roan Club in the Lee / Eltham area of South East London, where we rehearse and meet socially. As a member you can also socialize there independently or book the hall at a very reasonable rate, to hold your own private party or celebration.

You may choose to act in a single production rather than pursue membership, this is at a rate of £20 per show. Do note that full membership is far cheaper and if you can pay the difference of £10 to upgrade to a full member at anytime during the company year.

When rehearsals for a production are under way we ask for a £10 payment from each member who is acting in or directing the production, to pay for their script.

We are an independent theatre company, and receive no grants or financial assistance from outside. The above membership fees, along with ticket sales receipts from our productions, enable us to survive financially on an ongoing basis.



The group’s name is: Roan Theatre Company


To present good quality theatrical productions and encourage members to actively



The group shall be managed by a committee of members who are appointed at the Annual

General Meeting (AGM) of the group.


In order to carry out the aims of the group, the committee agree to:

(1) Apply funds to support productions

(2) Set a budget for each production

(3) Consider members’ suggestions for productions and decide on forthcoming


(4) Ensure the group maintains its NODA membership (or any other relevant theatrical

body) and ensure protection through appropriate insurance


(1) Membership is open to individuals over 16 who are approved by the committee.

(2) The committee may only refuse membership if, acting reasonably and properly, they

consider it to be in the best interests of the group.

(3) The committee may remove a person’s membership if they believe it is in the best

interests of the group and that he or she has acted in a way wholly detrimental to

the group. The member has the right to be heard by the committee before the

decision is made and can be accompanied by a friend but the committee’s decision

will be final.

(5) The committee will keep a register of names and addresses. Storage of data will

comply with GDPR.

(6) Non-members may take part in a production but should pay a temporary joining fee per production. If they choose, they can pay the difference at any time that year and become full members.


(1) The AGM should be held every year, unless exceptional circumstances apply, with

at least 14 days notice given to all members telling them what is on the agenda.

Minutes must be kept of the AGM.

(2) There must be at least 50% of the membership present at the AGM.

(3) The committee shall present the Annual Report and Accounts.

(4) The committee will be elected at the AGM. The committee shall comprise three

officers (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) and three ordinary members.

(5) Any member may stand for election onto the committee. The existing committee can

be re-elected en bloc by the membership.

(6) In the event that there are more than six members standing for election there will be

a vote. Each candidate would need a member to propose them and a member to

second the proposal. A vote would then duly take place. A member may not

propose or second themselves. The six successful candidates would then form the

new committee.

(7) At the AGM, and in remembrance of Ivor Hughes, a much loved and respected

member of the group the ‘IVOR Award’ will be presented to the member who has

made the most significant contribution to the group throughout the year. The

election will be conducted on a one-member-one-vote basis. In the event of a tie the

chair will select one of the leading candidates.


(1) The committee should hold at least three meetings each year. At their first meeting

after the AGM the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary will be elected. Where necessary

actions will be taken by majority decision.

(2) At least two thirds of the committee must be present at the meeting to form a

quorum and be able to take decisions. If there is not a quorum then the meeting

should be adjourned and reconvened. Minutes shall be kept for every meeting.

(3) Committee meetings will be chaired by the person who has been elected as Chair. If

he or she is not present a committee member nominated by the other committee

members shall chair the meeting.

(4) At any time the committee may co-opt a member of the group onto the committee

for a specific purpose.

(5) Committee decisions should be made primarily at committee meetings. Any

decisions made outside these times should be notified to and ratified by other

committee members.

(6) The committee may make reasonable additional rules to help run the group, but

these rules must not conflict with this constitution.

(7) In exceptional circumstances, if it is considered a committee member is acting in a

way wholly detrimental to the group, he or she can be removed from the committee

if all other members of the committee unanimously decide on such action.


(1) Money and property must only be used for the group’s purposes.

(2) The committee must keep accounts. The most recent annual accounts can be seen

by any member on request.

(3) The committee cannot receive any money or property from the group, except to

refund production expenses.

(4) Money must be held in the group’s bank account. All expenses below £500 may be

dealt with, either by cheque or electronic payment, by one authorised signatory. Any

amount over £500 requires email consent from one other authorised signatory.


If the committee consider it is necessary to change the constitution, formally merge with

another theatrical group or wind up the group, they must call a General Meeting so that the

membership can make the decision. The committee must also call a General Meeting if

they receive a written request from the majority of members. All members must be given at

least 14 days notice and told the reason for the meeting. All decisions require a two thirds

majority. Each member has one vote. In the event of a split decision the chair will decide.

Minutes must be kept.

(1) Winding up - any money or proceeds from property remaining after payment of

debts must be shared equally between The Greenwich and Bexley Hospice and The

Imperial Cancer Research Campaign, being the two favourite causes of our

benefactor, Tony Slaney.

(2) Changes to the Constitution - can be made at AGMs or General Meetings.

(3) General Meeting - called on written request from a majority of members.

(4) The committee may also call a General Meeting to consult the membership




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