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The Roan Theatre Company is proud to champion new writing and have produced a number of never before seen plays.

We launched our campaign to showcase new writing in 2015 with "Y.O.D.O : You Only Die Once" by in house writer Stuart Mitchell Smith, who has gone on to produce original pieces "Dinosaur Pieces" and "Four Freaks From Iowa" at Greenwich Studio Theatre

We also were proud to present Charles Evans "Atrocity" in 2020.

Submission Policy

  • Send a full link to your work with contact details to the company e-mail (under contact)

  • We cannot accept works which are derivative of existing works

  • We cannot accept works in which the characters are based upon real characters who lived in the last 100 years

  • We cannot accept any works which offer sexist, racist, homophobic , trans-phobic depictions.

  • We cannot accept any works in which copy-written content is used (Music, Extracts Etc)

  • We cannot accept any works for which the writer has contracted a professional agent.

  • We deter works which involve children or animals or expensive special effects or pyrotechnics or orchestras as these have extra costs in terms of minders and trainers and professional experts in the field.

  • We deter submission of "musicals", though plays with singing (Of original or non copyright songs)  are acceptable.


  • We are an amateur production company with high standards.

  • We have selection committee with individual standards. You will only receive reply should your script meet standards of the committee.

  • We cannot offer percentage of the box office as payment for performance rights, as an amateur company all show takings go back to the company coffers to fund future shows. We can only offer an agreed upon amount from the individual show budget. (Do Note, If you charge more than professional and known playwrights then it is unlikely that the show will be produced)

  • The Roan Theatre company wants to give authors a chance for their work to be seen and produced to a high quality. Fee's should not be the motivation for submission.

  • If a work is selected and the author and company agree then the author grants the company exclusive performance rights of the selected work for the agreed upon duration of an individual run. These rights cannot be rescinded once granted until after the final performance of the agreed run has taken place.

  • If all is agreed upon the author will have minimal input on the actual production itself. The company should be free to alter, edit and cut content if it deems such is necessary.




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