After the successes of California Suite and Plaza Suite, Neil Simon traveled across the Atlantic to set this, his last major play, in a premium London hotel. In a mixture of comedy and heart warming drama, real life is on full display as we play fly on the

wall for four episodes in the life of Suite 402:

Settling Accounts

a highly successful Welsh writer holds his formerly trustworthy accountant and business manager at gunpoint, having caught him in the act of leaving the country with all his money!

Going Home

a very close mother and daughter from the USA visiting London for a shopping spree. The daughter is concerned that her mother still hasn’t got her life together again, having been bereaved a few years previously. After setting her up on a date with a rich Scotsman, with hilarious results, her mother reveals a closely guarded secret.

Diana and Sydney

twenty five years on, the lives of two characters from an earlier Neil Simon comedy, California Suite. The now very successful Diana is visited by her ex-husband, who is seeking financial assistance to pay for treatment for his gravely ill male partner. The money is no problem, but the realisation that she is still deeply in love with him is.

The Man on the Floor

an American couple visiting London to attend the Wimbledon Tennis Championships are horrified to discover that they have lost their tickets! In a fit of temper he puts his back out, leaving him incapable of almost all

movement, only to be informed by the hotel manager that there has been an unfortunate double booking and Kevin Costner is waiting downstairs to take up residency in Suite 402 – the one he always stays in! One awkward situation then leads

to several others…

London Suite is set in the mid 1990s, and we are proud to present this as our tribute to the late, great Neil Simon



Settling Accounts

Brian -------- Graham Johnson

Billy --------- Joe Wilkins

Going Home

Lauren ------- Helena Houghton

Mrs Semple -- Teresa Wilkins

Diana and Sidney

Diana ---------- Glynis Watson

Grace ---------- Rosalind Fogden

Sidney --------- Graham Johnson

The Man on the Floor

Mark ------------ Joe Wilkins

Annie ------------ Jordan Price

Mrs Sitgood ----- Sallie Cross

Bellman ---------- Richard Rickson

Dr. McMerlin --- Leonard Quaife


22nd - 25th May 2019

Tickets £12 /£11 concession



Stage Manager --------- Sue Owen

Lighting --------------------------- Rod Stanbridge

Sound Op  ---------------------- Simon Cliffton

Set design------------------------- David Townsend

Sound Design--------------------------Stuart Mitchell-Smith

Directed by Trevor Talbot

RTC front of house team.

Adrian Carlton-Oatley, Guy Wilkins,Freda Goldberg, Fidelia Ekomaye ,Sharon Filmer, Fiona Burness ,Kevin Burness